Bike Repair

Cruisers Only

We offer repair service for beach cruisers only on Kiawah and Seabrook Islands.  We have specialized in these for over 33 years. We use all of that experience to provide you with honest, economical options for getting your bikes ready for the season. 

Free Delivery and Pickup

As with our rental bikes we offer complimentary pickup and delivery for our bike repair customers on Seabrook and Kiawah Islands.  We need a couple days notice to fit your service pickup in with our regular rental routes, but we are happy to pickup and bring them right back to your door.  We also understand many of our customers are part time residents so we are accustomed to working over the phone or with property managers on site.  Email or give the shop a call to schedule a service pickup. 

Used Bike Sales

We continuously update our fleet and retire our bikes after a few seasons of use.  We recondition them and sell them to customers who are looking to increase their rental property popularity or just for personal use.  Please call the shop to speak further about availability.