Tissot watch how? Tissot watches features

Tissot watches, was born in 1853, has been a hundred years of history, is the leader in the Swiss watch industry. So we think Tissot watch how? Here to share with you the characteristics of Tissot watches it. Tissot watches how Tissot watches, watch the watches in the immortal one of the Swiss watch brands, the appearance of exquisite fashion, good performance, novel design, high precision, with time, speed, water and other functions, is reliable accurate chronograph. Tissot features 1, timing Tissot replica rolex with a single time, the cumulative time, at the same time the function of sub-time. Steps Single-time: press button A, the timing starts; press the button A again, the time to stop. Cumulative Timing: Press button A, timing starts; press button A again, time-out pause; continue to press button A, timing accumulation. Press the button B, the timer automatically compensates for the loss of time and the cumulative time. The same time segmentation time: press the button A, timing starts; press the button B, read the time; 2, speed Operating steps: Select a kilometer journey, press the button A at the starting point; press the button A again at the end, read the 60-second dial of the uk replica watches dial indicator indicated by the 60-second timer. 3, waterproof Almost all Tissot watches are waterproof, basically can be broken down into 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 300 meters, 500 meters waterproof. Note: The meters here, not the depth, we must not understand the depth of the water in the depth of the water Oh. 30 meters, 50 waterproof refers to the general life of water, such as hand-washing when splashing on the water droplets, falling rain when falling rain and so on. 100 meters waterproof can be worn Tissot replica watches car wash, shower, etc., but do not put it in the water Oh. 300 meters waterproof refers to the swimming activities can be worn watches, but only for shallow swimming. 500 meters Waterproof refers to the watch can be diving into the water. In addition, the waterproof performance is for the strap, plastic, rubber strap Tissot watch, if it is a belt Tissot watch, do not touch the water Oh. Tissot watches above is the relevant content, and now we should know how Tissot watch it.